Norcross, GA – The Shaolin Institute’s After School Chinese, Cultural Arts & Gong Fu Program is returning for the 2015-2016 academic year. This year’s program will be entitled “After School Chinese, Cultural Arts & Kung Fu Tiger and Panda Program.” Preliminary activities will include Chinese cultural education such as Chinese language lessons, arts crafts, regular Kung Fu classes, and study hall, which will allow participants to focus on their regular academic studies and homework. The Shaolin Institute Afterschool Program welcomes both youth and teens. Our time schedule is after school till 5:30pm. Each week, instructors will focus on different Kung Fu themes: such as Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Monkey, Tiger and Little Dragon. Students will be divided into three age groups: Group I: 5-7; Group II: 8-11, and Group III: 12 and up. We are following Gwinnett County calendar, therefore if the public schools close, we close.

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The time spent with us during this program also seeks to bring out the best in its participants by improving and promoting values such as confidence, better focus and self-discipline, perseverance, and an increased sense of awareness. We help each child not only improve their own ability in academic focus but character in leadership. Staying and Playing can be fun and are part of the program. However, we will focus more on the kids discipline and long-term perseverance preparing them to handle long-term future life obstacles to find peace and harmony in achieving their greatest potential.

We realize that occasionally parents will need to work late, or will be held up in traffic and just won’t be able to pick up their child by 5 or 6 ‘clock. In those circumstances, there will be $25 late fee for up to one hour late, two hours late for $50 and 3 hours $80.

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Let me suggest that you trust your child to us not only make new friends, but enjoy a variety of great age-appropriate program to make your child not only stronger physically but also academically and culturally.

Shaolin Institute unique after-school Chinese, Cultural arts and Kung Fu program, begins immediately after public or private academic classes. At The Shaolin Institute students 3K through Grade 8 may be able to stay and learn until 8:30 p.m. daily*. All children in the program will have a snack, participate in the Institute studio programs, trainings, and do Chinese arts and crafts, as well as have inside activities and some quiet time for homework.

This Chinese trained staff-supervised program is designed to be self-motivating, disciplined so all school students are encouraged to take active roles in leading the program at every level — from joining designing activities, training programs and outings, to getting homework done and having an opportunity just to socialize.

* Additional tuitions or fees may apply


Additionally Shaolin Institute also has several other enrichment classes to be released in the future:

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Homework period

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Better focus and self-discipline

Sharpened Awareness

About the Shaolin Institute

More than 20 years ago, founder and headmaster of Shaolin Institute, Grandmaster Shi DeRu, also known as Shawn Liu, brought Tai Gong and traditional Shaolin Tai Chi to the U.S., opening schools and training students throughout the country. He has devoted his life to helping people and is doing so through generous community outreach, such as World Tai Chi Day, Asian cultural celebrations, and brilliant martial arts performances by his highly acclaimed Shaolin Institute Performance Team. Over the years, DeRu has developed Tai Gong, his amalgamation of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, designed to redirect the body’s natural positive healing energy, or “qi,” to transform the body’s realization of health and well-being. This dynamic positive energy penetrates and permeates through the body broadcasting natural healing qi waves to the world to help millions of others in a positive and healing way, thus producing an environment of health, peace, and compassion around the world.

To enroll your child in Shaolin Institute’s after school Chinese Culture Program, please visit 4350 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 500A GA 30071 or call (770) 286-9808