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Shi DeRu Will Give a Speech on 5 H as Part of the Worldwide Living Zen Tai Gong Teaching Tour Series on Chinese New Year in New Orleans, Feb 4th


It is time to let go of over thinking, and problem finding games. To free ourselves from boundaries and self caging. is to grow our strength in character, trustworthiness, and responsibilities.

Grand Master Shi DeRu, a worldwide Zen traveler, lifetime Zen student and mentor will give a speech on High Conscious Health and Happiness and will conduct a short Zen workshop/seminar at Chinese New Year Annual Celebration on Shaolin Institute New Orleans campus, Feb 4th 2007, starting 11:00 AM. This seminar is a part of his 2017 worldwide Living Zen and TaiGong teaching tour series in quantum leap in high conscious health, promoting the path of grit with basic living principles of life.

Chinese New Year of Golden Rooster is here to stay until the dog year shows up on Feb 16th 2018. To connect the conscious nature with conscious beings in oneness, and connect yesteryear with this New Year, DeRu has been paving the way in both US and China for greater health and higher consciousness worldwide.

To do that, his worldwide Living Zen High Conscious Health teaching tour first Asian series in meditation and TaiGong training 2017 has been launched since December 24th in Shanghai China (Please read more in section 3) . That Living Zen is transmitting in quantum leap in global conscious communication on the path of grit with life principles in character and integrity.

He continued that Living Zen with quantum health teachings through many cities in Anhui, China and all the way to China’s capital Beijing. He did not finish his first Asian Zen teaching series until Jan 12th when he did 2nd seminar and discipleship acceptance ceremony in Shanghai, traveling through Korea before he reached his 2017 first teaching stop in Washington D.C. on January 14th 2017.

On January 14th -15th in Washington D.C.he started his US teaching series on “Living Zen” with the theme of High Conscious Health Living and Natural Healing before his US southern teaching tour series  (Please read more in section 4).

The Asian New Year of Rooster teaching tour series on Living Zen with the theme of “5H” started from Shaolin Institute Atlanta campus on January 28th, New Orleans on February 4th, and Mobile, AL on February 8th. In this set of teaching series, he places the focus on “Let it go so one can rise up with high consciousness.”

“It is time to let go of over-thinking and problem searching,” said DeRu, “To free ourselves from boundaries and self caging is to grow our strength in character, trustworthiness, and responsibilities. That is to be truly free.” as he stressed his statement.

“Happiness with a health body and a health mind is almost what everyone wishes to possess,” as the Zen master clarified, “High conscious intelligence, from Healing to Health with Harmony and Happiness penetrates and permeates into all the communities of Zen world, further prevailing into all conscious beings around the globe.”

According to DeRu, Zen sees one conscious world, and one conscious being with one breath and one source of origin, from nothing to everything, expanding to apparent visible world as one sees with naked eye. However; the invisible potentiality is unlimited and infinite. The high conscious intelligence continues its path to infinite potentiality to everlasting-limitless universe.

DeRu further explained: “Zen sees the reality of potentiality is in the emptiness within and between the visible worlds. It is that emptiness of potentiality makes the universe going with consistent and constant expanding in infinity.”

This is how the Zen Master sees the world, “The high conscious mind of the universe guides and decides the direction of the universe expansion and development. When one follows the heart of the high conscious universe, one believes and achieves one’s dream with unwavering faith and confidence. One will eventually be intotal communication and merge with that of infinite oneness.”

“It is that Zen mind propagates and instigates Imagination which opens the 3rd eye to vision the infinite Potentiality of the true reality of the universe.” according to DeRu. “We are all part of, and microcosm of the universe. Our body particles are universal participles and our atoms are part of the universe atoms. Our conscious Qi waves are closely connected with the Qi waves of the universe consciousness which set the parameter to guide each step of our path if we wish to discover within the happiness and health.”

Zen philosophy along with Zen way of living has been in lead in high conscious living beings for thousands of years. Zen Master DeRu sees Quantum theory along with scientific experiment of quantum physics gives lights, like taking many pictorial shots of reality of the world, to ordinary conscious beings, believers and non believers alike to observe and see the truth of the world, and the conscious universe in communication and expansion with unlimited potentiality without time or space limitations.

DeRu firmly believes, “In that Zen world one begins to see, In lieu of the fittest and fiercest fight for victory and survival with competitiveness from the selected few, humanity leading all conscious beings together claim victory by synergy and cooperation with compassion and love.”

DeRu maintains, “war and fierce competition is for ignorant self-serving few, leading to self-destruction, it is, he said, the synergy in peace with harmony in cooperation leading all beings to greater development in advancement of conscious beings.”

“Leaving Newton as a hero of the past,” he insists, “we must move on, following vision of the Ancient Chan in all conscious, subconscious and superconscious communication, human beings shall explore further. seeing beyond and through that visible illusionary world into that true universe intelligence and wisdom, and see the true potential world beyond time and space with the guidance of Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr’s scientific minds.”

Master Shi DeRu a 31 generation Shaolin Chan (Zen) Master has been teaching Living Zen Mind and Zen meditation with TaGong for over three decades worldwide, especially in China and the US.

He has been hosting his Annual Qi Retreat in the US for the last two decades with various theme topics on health and happy living. This year he will conduct his seminar workshop with the theme of Health, Healing and Happiness from March 3rd to March 6th at Pensacola Beach, Florida. for details visit:, 770-286-9808. Please read more in section 2.


  1.   Qi Retreat in Pensacola Beach, Florida, March 3-6, 2017

Following the Qi Retreat previously conducted, Grand Master Shi DeRu will hold this year’s Qi Retreat in Pensacola Beach, Florida, March 3-6, with a topic of “Zen Quantum Healing, Meditation and Happiness”.

This program will include Zen meditation, inner healing, peace, wisdom and Zen Tai Gong Series Levels 1 and 2. In addition, Zen nutrition, cooking instructions and healthy, nutritious vegetarian food will be provided in order to help achieve inner healing and well-being.

Accommodations will be at the Escapade, a large beachfront house where the daily retreat program takes place. Space is limited, first come first serve. Please see rates and contact info below:Qi Retreat1

Here is our report of the Qi Retreat held in previous years, along with photographs:  

Please send out the registration form back to us and we will help you further: 


  1. Chan Seminar In Shanghai

On January 12th, Grand Master Shi DeRu travelled back to Shanghai, China, to give a seminar to people who are practicing Zen life. It was held at Mozhao Academy, where Chinese who are practicing Chan gathered together to meditate and exchange their learning process.

During this seminar, Grand Master Shi DeRu talked about Chan life and his experience in the United States. He shared his wisdom in Chan with anyone who asked and needed it.

The most thrilling part of this seminar was Grand Master Shi DeRu’s talk about quantum communication, quantum theory, and how they can be connected with Zen theory. He simplified the scientific theories into understandable words and shared health, Zen ideas and an open mind, which changed the dynamic of the audience’s thinking, broadening their outlook.


During his trip to Shanghai, Grand Master Shi DeRu shared his own comprehension and wisdom about Chan and how to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life, as well as accepted applications for Shaolin Chan pre-disciples.



  1. Qi Gong Workshop in Washington, D.C.

On January 14th, Grand Master Shi DeRu led a Qi Gong Workshop in Washington, D.C., with a topic of Healthy Living and Natural Healing. He taught Qi Gong, Chinese-style meditation with gentle movement and breathing techniques, as well as Chan (Zen) meditation’s origin and practice. Grand Master DeRu practiced Tai Chi movements with the attendees, as well as Tai Gong, which is the combination of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

In this Workshop, he focused on Zen and health consciousness, and used many anecdotes and stories to convey those ideas.

Grand Master Shi DeRu taught the audience that forward-thinking with quantum leap unveils the greatest potential within each of us to empower our organism and the vibration of healthy Qi waves. We need to revolutionize our conscious movement in order to achieve health, which is different from disease and chemical-based medicine, and develop an organic and highly conscious-directed empowering and self-healing mechanism, according to what we are designed for and originally composed of by the universe:

We are, without any doubt, the microcosm of the universe, as DeRu has stated for the last forty years. He said that we need to redirect our thinking, heart and mind-wave vibration from disease-focus to health-focus to truly cultivate health consciousness, resonating with the superior intelligence and high consciousness of the universe. We can empower the infinite potential of healthy cells, uplift and empower health-conscious organisms and the immune system, eliminate any possible disease, and redirect our consciousness, habitual thinking and stressful way of living. This is important for eliminating disease and move towards a newly refreshed, healthy-focused way of living and thinking.

In addition to revolutionizing health in lieu of disease, Grand Master Shi DeRu also talked about how to revolutionize fighting and competitive-based thinking. DeRu Chan opens a window and a door, lets one see a different universe from earthly pragmatic flesh eyes, and gives all people in the world a different choice, which is to live in harmony and compassion with love to all. It is where one sees living in openness, harmony, creativeness, peace, love and happiness with greater health, free of yokes, fear, fight, anger, distress, hate and disease.

He also emphasized how important it is to create, organize and enjoy the resources together with one another in lieu of the current existing living choices many have embraced, This older choice is where a scarcity-based lifestyle and thinking compete and fight for limited resources with each other to “survive the fittest”, and holds animosity toward each other, full of fear, hatred and high distress, drained and exhausted with all the energy. There is no energy or time to take care of oneself, let alone taking care of each other, and disease occurs due to lack of energy, high stress, negative energy cultivation and hatred, embracing self-sabotage. DeRu Chan believes that we are conscious beings, can and shall be able to see more dimensions and raise up channels of consciousness in thinking if we are willing to calm down and meditate to create space and openness. One goes from consciousness to superior consciousness, beyond consciousness or self-consciousness when one is resonant with the universal consciousness. Grand Master Shi DeRu instructed people on how to open a new choice of living and thinking based on quantum communication, quantum entanglement and Zen mind.

Grand Master Shi DeRu also taught the Zen-Tai Gong series, Yin Yang Tai Gong and Tai Gong Flex with very positive results and feedback from the audience and participants.

Here is a documentary of Grand Master Shi DeRu’s seminar in Shanghai:


In early 2017, under the leadership of Grand Master Shi DeRu, Shaolin Institute and Shaolin Chan Foundation started a new journey of high conscious health and well-being. We already conducted seminars and workshops in Shanghai and Beijing. More activities will follow, such as worldwide Living Zen teaching tour series, starting from New Year of the Golden Rooster celebration in the South from Washington to Atlanta through New Orleans to Mobile, AL with Zen meditation and Qi Retreat with Zen TaiGong in Florida in March, the 30th U.S. Open Challenge in June, U.S.-China Cultural Ambassadors Program in July, and Zen World Conference and Fair in October. In addition, we are continuing to work on Zen Land and YHI projects. Your participation and contribution are more than welcomed and appreciated.

5.Shi DeRu Worldwide Living Zen Tai Gong Series is Part of Chinese New Year Celebration in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA– Feb 4th. The Shaolin Institute hosts its annual Chinese New Year celebration. The event includes a speech on high conscious health and happiness by Grand Master DeRu, a worldwide Zen traveler, student and mentor who will also conduct a short Zen workshop/seminar. The celebration kicks off at 11:00 a.m. on the Shaolin Institute’s New Orleans campus.


DeRu’s seminar is part of a global series he began in Shanghai, China on Dec. 24, 2016 with “Living Zen Mind and High Conscious Health.” DeRu continued the Living Zen talks with quantum health teachings through many cities in Anhui and all the way to Beijing. He finished his first Asian Zen teaching series Jan 12 and then returned to the U. S. where he taught another series of Living Zen with the theme “Health Living, Natural Healing” on January 14th and 15th in Washington D.C.The New Year of Rooster Living Zen teaching series on the theme of “5H” starts in Atlanta on Jan. 28th, with seminars in New Orleans on Feb. 4th, and in Mobile on Feb. 8th. DeRu says the focus of the teaching series is: “Let it go so one can rise up with high consciousness.”

“It is time to let go of over-thinking and problem-finding games,” says DeRu. “To free ourselves from boundaries and self-caging is to grow our strength in character, trustworthiness, and responsibilities. That is to be truly free.”

DeRu continues, “Happiness with Health is almost all the peoples wish to possess. High conscious intelligence, in Healing to Health with Harmony and Happiness penetrates and permeates into all the communities of Zen world, further prevailing into all conscious beings of the universe with high grit in discipline and indomitable spirit.”

“We are all part of, and [a] microcosm of the universe,” says DeRu. “Our body particles are universal participles and our atoms are part of the universe atoms. Our conscious Qi waves are closely connected with the Qi waves of the universe consciousness


Year of the Horse Arrives; Success Is Insight – Shaolin Institute New Year Celebration

The year of the Horse!

The year of the Horse!

Families and friends around Atlanta Metro areas are invited to Chinese New Year Spring Festival on Saturday, February 1st, 2014, starting from 11a.m. through 4:00 p.m. located at 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 500-A, Norcross, Georgia.

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

The Chinese New Year of the Horse, Spring Festival will be celebrated at the Shaolin Institute Atlanta Campus on Saturday, February 1st, starting from 11 am. through 4:00 p.m. located at 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 500-A, Norcross, Georgia.

Healthful food, music, paintings, arts-and-crafts, lion-dragon dance ,Kung Fu performances and fireworks are scheduled along with booth for health conscious visitors.

The Institute’s Mobile, Al. campuses will also host their Chinese New Year Celebration at their location at 704 Lakeside Drive on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

According to the Western calendar, the start of the Chinese New Year is Friday, January 31, 2014 marking the first day of The Year of the Horse. Those born during the year of the Horse tend to be clever, possess good communication skills, and are cheerful, showing perseverance. .

Chinese New Year dates back to 2600 BC, when Emperor Huang Di of China introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival in modern China as it signals to farmers they have 15 days to prepare for sowing their fields.

At the Atlanta Shaolin Institute, the Magnificent Five Mascots represent the character of the institute with discipline and integrity and inner strength. This is the year when the horse joins in to motivate all the animals to leap forward. All the animals at the Shaolin Institute are very intelligent beings, protecting, motivating and helping the institute and the community. Whether are the Praying Mantis, the Monkey, the Tiger, the Dragon, or the Crane (Draon-Da Long, Tiger-Xiao Hu, Crane-Bai He, Praying Mantis-Kuai Lang, Monkey-Xi Hou, 龙,虎,鹤, 螂), each of them warmly welcomes children, friends and families in the neighborhood come to see them.

“The festivities get under way when the Dragon and Lion arrive outside Shaolin Institute, on Peachtree Industrial BLVD, suite 500-A to greet the community. We look forward to seeing you there” says the Shaolin head Master Shi DeRu.

The year of the Horse!

The year of the Horse!

June Dragon Tailes


June Dragon Tales PDF Downlaod

Greetings From The Master:

Dear Tong Xue Men, (which means “Students” in Mandarin Chinese),
Last month you began learning about the Shaolin “core values”, Honesty, Courtesy, Honor, and Respect.
I know that you have taken these lessons to heart and are applying them to your everyday life. I am very
proud of you for the Courtesy and Respect I see you extending to others when you are at the Institute.
“Please” and “thank you” are courtesies that not only express your appreciation and gratitude, but leave a
lasting impression of you as the respectful and honorable individual you are. I want you to know that I
consider it my privilege to call you my student and I thank you for how hard you are working.
I heard a story about two of our Kung Fu students who did a kindness that was a wonderful example of
everything Shaolin values. It was so special that I want to share it with all of you. I hold it up as an
extraordinary demonstration of Respect, Honor, and one of the core values you have yet to study –
Compassion (a feeling of sincere sympathy for another person’s suffering along with the wish to relieve it)

March Dragon Tails Kids Newsletter

  Greetings From The Master: MARCH DRAGON TALES PDF


Dear Tong Xue Men (which means “Students” in Mandarin Chinese),
I want to thank you for being a part of our Chinese New Year’s Festival. So many of you did as I
asked of you – inviting a friend, preparing a dish to share with our guests, and having fun – that
you helped make our celebration very special for all. I am very proud to have you as part of my
family and my team.

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