KSF Events

KSF Open Challenge 30th May 2015 at Moblie Convention center, Grand Ball Room.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ksfworld.org/

The KSF History

Dear Martial Arts Friends, Competitors and Masters, on behalf of K.S. F. ( Kung Fu Sanshou Federation) US Open IMAC (International Martial Arts Championship) committee with its Chairman, Grand Master Shi DeRu (Shawn X. Liu), Honoray Chairman, Grand Master Wu Bin, we extend this invitation to you to compete in one of our K. Warrior Search competitions.

It’s been over 20 years since the very first official US Open International Sanda/Sanshou fight in the US, which was held at the Mobile Convention Center where the first group of great fighters such as David Sanders and Cung Le were produced. Later the US Open facilitated hundreds more international fighters such Patrick Barry, Scott Sheeley, Michael Altman, James Cooper, Melvin Guillard, Li Jie, Rudi Ott, Wael Mohammed, Jason Yee, K.J. Noon and Albert Pope to name a few. Since its inception, some of the best Sanda, K-1, UFC and other MMA fighters started their amateur and/or professional fighting careers at US Open International Martial Arts Championships.

This is US Open-Art of War fighting sports that goes long way to thousands of years of the Shaolin Temple. The temple itself has been portrayed as a captivating legacy in many movies such as Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”, Jet Li’s “Shaolin Temple”, “Forbidden Kingdom” and “Tai Chi Master”, various Jackie Chan movies and as the central theme for David Carradine’s TV Show “Kung Fu”. The Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of all martial arts practiced in the world today and it is safe to say it is the “ORIGINAL martial art”.

In early1990s, we brought Shaolin Kungfu fighting to the US at the 1st US Open International Chinese Martial Arts Championship. We called it Kungfu Sanshou which means Kungfu free fighting.  It is, essentially, Kung Fu Fighting in a ring format. Sanshou (aka:Sanda) is the most exciting form of Kung Fu application and the most exciting standing fight existing as a sport today.  The sport is over 3000 years old having begun in the Ancient Chinese Military then to the Shaolin Temple amongst the Shaolin Monks and was at first used during times of mountain forest survival and war and then as a moving meditation (to enhance internal energy), sport and a demonstration of Kung Fu arts application. In America, we refer to it as “Bringing the ancient arts into the modern day ring”.

US Open International Martial Arts Championship has modernized the fights to incorporate and include other rules of MMA and Muay Thai styles which give birth to US Open-Xtreme Sanda (X.S.). US Open X.S. is unlike any fight as it incorporates the full body with greater freedom of using all styles of combat skills. It is a very exciting combat show.  Fighters are allowed to punch, kick, throw, grapple, knee, strike, intercept and wrestle. The rules are very simple, because it is a sport utilizing extreme strategy and endurance skills, any intention of injuring another fighter is grounds for automatic disqualification.

The fight is not about intentional pain but rather about the display of martial art skill and strategy and a fighter’s ability to detect and recognize an opponent’s energy and motion.  Live audiences have displayed a high level of engagement in these events.

We have hosted many professional Sanshou and Sanda  (both live and TV production) shows in the past 10 years around the world. CCTV of China produced over 50 episodes of Sanda pro fights in China (over 300 million viewers/week), and we have produced more than 10 of them in the US, eight of which were US Open-Art of War Professional Sanshou/Sanda shows. Other TV Networks including ESPN has shown Sanshou fight numerous times in the US.

Currently the only professional Extreme Sanda has been produced by the US Open International Martial Arts Championship with its Art of War Extreme Sanda fighting show.

The US Open X.S. -Art of War TV fighting show- “Bringing the ancient arts into the modern day ring” –  is not only promoting the ancient sporting competition but also a spirited competition, friendship and mind & body fitness.  Our tournaments offer the best fighters from the United States and around the world an opportunity to test their skills, determination and to examine their deep personal commitment to excellence.

The challenge will not only give every amateur Martial Artists and light contact competitors a good platform to test their courage, skills, and their confidence of their self-protection abilities but also good fighting experience and training opportunities to improve their skills. The event will indeed give all Kungfu, Tai Chi and other styles and choreographed team competitors a center stage to showcase their talents and skills in various levels.

 Shaolin Legacy Kungfu Show segments will also be performed at half time.

 The event is organized by KSF (Kung Fu Sanshou Federation) and the KSF is part of SCF (Shaolin Chan Foundation) a REGISTERED 501(c) (3) non-profit organization promoting martial arts events world-wide. SCF is operated under Shaolin World Federation to promote and carry out the Chan (Zen) Arts Teachings & Chan Way of Living to include Chan philosophy, Chan meditation, Tai Gong for Healing, Chan Nutrition, Fine Arts, Music and internal and external Gong Fu (Kung Fu) to preserve the art and culture of the Shaolin Chan Gong Fu around the world. Establish Shaolin Chan Philosophy and Culture and Gong Fu athletes networks world wide.