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Chinese Language,Oriental Culture & Kung Fu Discipline

Shaolin Institute Summer Camp is a 6-week program held from June 6th through July 23rd in Atlanta. The camp philosophy is based on integrity, honor, respect, discipline, & perseverance. The camp program includes the practice of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, swimming, arts & crafts, music appreciation, as well as the study of Chinese language and culture. The camp will stimulate the child’s natural enthusiasm, creativity, and energy, while teaching them to direct those skills towards positive goals. In addition to the children’s camp, we also offer an all ages full immersion camp for committed students who would like a more intensive and thorough martial arts experience by living and training at the Shaolin Institute.

Day and Overnight Camp Information

Shaolin Institute’s summer camp is for children ages six and older are and focuses on Kung Fu martial arts, including restorative tai chi, and immerses campers in Chinese culture. There will be Chinese language lessons as well as instruction in Chinese and Western music appreciation. This camp also offers field trips to local attractions, arts and crafts and swimming. Each week, instructors focus on different a different aspect of Kung Fu and oriental culture. Forming the foundation of the Shaolin “way of life” are core values of honor, integrity, respect, strength of character, discipline, and perseverance. Camp is designed to stimulate children’s creativity and natural enthusiasm for learning .We offer both a day camp and Night camp option depending on your preference. Dates and pricing are provided in the links below.

There are three types of camps we offer:

Day Training Regular Kids Camp (5-day /week)

Extended Day training Camp (6-day/week)

2016 Mail-in Day Camp Registration

Atlanta Overnight/Residence Training Camp (6-day/week)

Shaolin Summer Camp 2016 Registration Website

Weeks Available-

Week 1 – June 6th – 10th (5-day) & 6th -11th (6-day extended)

Week 2 – June 13th – 17th (5-day) & 13th -18th (6-day extended)

Week 3 – June 20th – 24th (5-day) & 20th -25th (6-day extended)

Week 4 – June 27th – July 1st (5-day) & 27th – July 2nd (6-day extended)

Week 5 – July 11th – 15th (5-day) & 11th – 16th (6-day extended)

Week 6 – July 18th – 22nd (5-day) & 18th – 23rd (6-day extended)

A Special Intensive Training Camp will be in Atlanta, Georgia, June 18th – 25th.

New Orleans Day Camp Special Offer:

9:00 am  – 2:00 PM

Week 1 – June 13 – June 17



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